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 Discover how our independent global resources work relentlessly in syncronicity to find your private funding  sources or opportunity for example now available we have business incubation for virtual business and retirement goals.  Join our Business insider guides and gain access to our Money & Property Club. The intention of the projects is to inform property owners who may be impacted by Covid19 while providing opportunities for Cash flow by investing in agreements available for members where either cash flow and retirement planning goals can be a focal focus in the following area of wealth creation via business aquisition opportunities


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Buy & Sell Businesses

 a great business                might include... 

    1.Vacation & Retirement Properties

    2. Corporate Health Care & Insurance Plans

    3. Corporate Credit Cards & Lines Of Credits

    4 Corporate Travel Packages

    5.  Non Profit Ventures & Projects for Continuous Improvement

  • Business incubation money & Property Club 
  • Obtain Insider Information about  strategies to build wealth , while implementing strategey to save a number of properties impacted by Covid19 while using this strategy and a 377 acre resort case study.


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  • Commercial Funding Program
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  • Get in front of investors who provide capital   once you meet their terms

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