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B.O.S.S.  -Business Operational Software System -  Python, Django, Google Go, your complete Enterprise Solution Financed,  after your quote and small deposit.  2 Discover how our independent global resources around the world work relentlessly in syncronicity to find your high ticket or high volume commodities or vital urgent supply needs without resellers or speculators massive markups. One all in one fee after goods delivered so low prices for excellent products and avoid overpaying we work for the buyer and humanity. Use a non 3m  agency , independent  free thinking, fair reasonable, direct and flexible for cutting thru the ice and snow into the sunshine for buying, sourcing, channels to determine proof of if  your orders can be filled and how fast if possible lawyer to lawyer. Dont use anyone else if you want to pay under 1.80 for real goods from a real source.  Request sourcing consulting, procurment service solutions for safe buyer to seller broker intercource and protection for introductions and reorders. 


3M N95 how to buy masks,  

VIA OUR 3M Agent source(s), request package

  • 1860 - 8210
  • Government, FEMA,  Hospitals, Frontline Needs Welcome Priority. first priority to parties under the defense protection act.                                                  Resellers,  hedge        funds     not welcome.
  • Need 1 Billion to 50 billion Masks ? Start your CIF requests now
  • 3 M Distributers and 3M agents wanted to help supply our prospective clients who seek resources  via our services
  • Buyers hire Ibanx Direct Buying Agency Sourcing Consulting -  be prepared and pay only if goods are deliverd. MOQ Request  200 000 000
  • The best sourcing, consulting and all in one fees plan to keep general cost to buyers low and covers all fees for multiple sourcing aspects and services under one plan  giving immediate access  for hospitals, fema agencies still looking for channels of production 


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  • Python, Django, google Go, per your request
  • VOIP System $88 monthly
  • SEO anaylytics
  • Convert your Business idea into a business Operational Software System  -  Up to 200 modules 

Custom B.O.S.S.

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  • Custom Build from ground zero up
  • build as you grow, custom tools for your needs
  • one project at a time
  • No credit Check Financing for Ibanx B.O.S.S. Systems