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We specialize in financing instutional software purchases which results in a $ 500 000 credit reference. Beyond commercial credit our systems are modular unless specified by client, and with over 350 modules you can build out the best intsitutional BOSS (Business Operational Software System ), Apply for a BOSS or access or financial and business profile tracking and analysis tools. 

Your Ibanx Direct BOSS will allow you under your brand to consolidate tedious business processes, and also consolidate or create multiple API's organising and providing user interfaces across multiple data and or kpi needs, jobs, services, departments and your immediate needs. 

Our Team
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All from your Ibanx Direct B.O"S"S"  with our software finance access up to 2ç350 user inter faces under your own all in one system to help you run and grow your business..  We create solutions from payment gateway to artificial intelligence to fintech. Financing your software goals up to $ 3 000 000 terms conditions apply.

Insider Guide Publications or Start with free trial  while consulting about your System requirements or gain the offline insider information to grow your business knowledge base.

Boss • Text and Image